"africaractère - Burkina Faso" project

dedicato alla vita

social documentary photography by Carla Cinelli and Ivano Catini - www.carlacinelli.com

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The africaractère project features a trilingual photo-calligraphic book, africaractère - Burkina Faso,
a coordinated photo exhibition, mailed invitations and posters to bookstore launches,
and a website to experience and understand more.

All of us, authors and the creative group, would like to:
- attract sponsoring companies
- reveal the magic of the photos and the beauty of the calligrams (i.e. pictures made from words)
- show Burkina Faso to everyone through the photo exhibition.

Travelling photo exhibition
The book will be presented during specific, numerous conferences in different contexts like: bookstores, cultural clubs, private and public spaces, prestigious hotels, art galleries, public and private exhibition spaces.
The photo exhibition will be organized to be flexible and adaptable to each situation which hosts it.
- 50 photographic prints
  18x14 cm, 30x40 cm
  vertically matted with glassless natural wood frames

- 21 photographic prints
  30x40 cm, 50x60 cm
  vertically matted with glassless natural wood frames
- 15 photographic prints
  60x80 cm
  mounted on 5 mm Forex panels with matte lamination
- 4 large photographic prints
  120x160 cm
  mounted on 13 mm Kapabloc panels with matte lamination

For more details please contact us:
Carla Cinelli, photographer and author of the book
Rezzato (Brescia), Italia

Ivano Catini, photographer and author of the book
Rezzato (Brescia), Italia

Daniela Ferrando, copywriter, editor, translator
Milano, Italia

Rick Ligas, project support
Austin, Texas - USA

Laura Ruggeri, graphic design and calligrams (i.e. pictures made from words)
Austin, Texas - USA